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Success For The Average Man Woman Initiative

March 31, 2008

Success for the Average

Man – Woman


When you take the initiative in life you build confidence, courage, conversation and a winning self image.

Learn the art of every day conversation, for it may well be that the road to your success will be made easier and quicker by those you meet in daily life.

Talking to strangers can be the greatest game in the world. Use your initiative and talk first. Say, “Hello.” Everyone is waiting for the other fellow to talk first. Both of you are thinking the same thing. Try saying hello first and it may cure you of yourself, consciousness, shyness, timidity.

Once you master the art of effective conversation, you’ll realize that everything your mind can think, or your heart can wish can be yours.

You can get people to help you. There is a persuasive power in effective conversation.

If you cannot think of something to say, think of the first letter of the word “Wonderful” for conversation starters. It is an optimistic, positive word. It is a conversation stimulator.

W – Weather

O – Occupation

N – News

E – Entertainment

R – Radio and TV

F – Family

U – Uplift ( say something positive)

L – Location (Travel)

Now you will never be at a loss for something to say to friends or strangers.

Effective conversation is the highest mark of civilization. Practice memorizing the list connected to the word “Wonderful” so you can bring them to your mind instantly.

Getting back to your goal to become a better painter, writer, artist, musician, person, or good with money READ everything you can find on the subject.

The Age of Aquarius has given us the internet. Whatever you want to know is in a book, a magazine or on the net.

My teacher told me, “If you buy a 1000 page book, for $1000. dollarsand it takes you 1000 hours to read it and you find ONE good idea in it that helps you in what you want to do in life, it is worth it.

Learn from others.

Walter Chrysler said, “I learned more about automobiles in one year of reading than in 20 years of experimenting.

“The school of experience takes so long that it’s graduates are too old to go to work.” Henry Ford.

Socrates advised, “Improve yourself by other’s experiences…… so shall you aquire quickly what others labor or long for.”

Remember, take the initiative. Self-introductions are very powerful. There are many people who fear two things, they are being snubbed and saying something wrong.

Try to find something of interest between you. The question if mightier than the statement. People tend to answer any question put to them.

Learn how to ask interesting questions. “How long do you think this rain will last.” rather than “It looks like it’s going to rain all day.”

“Do you like seafood.” is better than saying “I like seafood.” Do you live far from here etc.” Think of interesting questions in the field you are interested in to start a conversation. If they do not know anything about your subject you have lost nothing.

Have fun! Go fishing for information with strangers. You’ll be surprised what you will learn. Interesting stories will pop up everywhere. Keep a notebook with you and write down all unusual or odd items you hear in your conversation.

Start today to become a better conversationalist. Take charge of your lower, lazy mind. Get tough with it.

Success for the average man – woman must begin from inside out. We must replace all the habits, ideas, and emotions within us that are stopping us from succeeding.

Initiative, will power and self disapline in life’s daily events is the place to start.

One of our chief problems is to beat down barriers of inhibition, shyness, reserve and backwardness. Lean to become agreeably aggressive.

Talk to people!

William James: “The deepest principle in human nature is the desire to be great.”

Goethe : “More than anything else, people want to be noticed and recognized.”

Work on lyour self and make no SMALL plans. The have the power to stir the blood.



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Rune Meanings Rune OS Attract Spritual Powers

March 30, 2008

Bring the Wisdom of Odin and the Gods/goddesses of the North into your life today. Learn how!

Each individual rune opens a door to the Realms of Creation.(Quantum Ocean).

Rune OS Attracts So Soiritual Powers. Its primary function is to attract waves of spiritual energies into your life.

What are spiritual powers and energies? To be spiritual means to become more conscious. Conscious of who you are; where you came from; and where you are going. To be more conscious of other realities; ie the Pantheon of Norse gods/goddesses. More conscious of the Oneness of the Universe (Quantum Ocean). More conscious of the fact that you create your own reality.


Your beliefs create your reality. By using this symbol you will widen your reality. The waves of spiritual energies that you will attract will expand your belief system and broaden your life. You are where you are today because of the energies you have attracted and hold in your system. These energies created your beliefs. These energies create your reality and bring into your life, events, people, places and things.

The OS rune will bring into your life new energies which will expand or replace some of your basic beliefs. This expansion of beliefs will reconstruct and redefine your life. You will be introduced to new people, new places, new events, new ideas. Be alert for them.

You can use rune OS to communicate with Odin. I did! See my Conversations With Odin book.

“The wonderful thing concerning the Runes is that they have an individual life, that the interpretation and meaning is within them and not within us, not in our arbitray thinking (abstracting).”

Rune OS Meanings:

Rune of Odin

Rune of Growth of Spiritual Powers

Rune of Laws of Nature

Rune of Astral and Mental energies

Rune of Speech

The Norse God ODIN is the God of this rune.

GROWTH OF SPIRITUAL POWERS: Rune OS attracts spiritual powers out of the cosmic all (Quantum Ocean) into your life. How do these spiritual powers enter your life? Rune OS raises consciousness. It raises the vibrations in your body.  These raised vibrations will raise your level of consciousness. Your raised level of consciousness will attract new events, people, places and things into your life. You will even be able to contact the northern gods/goddesses.

In this modern day world of Quantum Physics we all need to raise our levels of consciousness and our levels of being. We need a larger view of reality and the universe. Rune OS will attract a larger view into your life. Slowly and surely you will see your consciousness rising; your belief systems changing and your reality and life expanding.

Rune OS #4 attract spiritual powers into your life.

Next: Rune RIT #5 Inner Guidance..

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Don’t let the viking anmes fool you. My ancestors were vikings. But my websites have over 200 interesting free articles on runes, vikings, quantum-physics, health, astrology and radionics.


Success For The Average Man Woman Part 10 Auto Suggestion

March 29, 2008
    Part 10



Auto suggestion has been given many names. Self Image Psychology, cybernetic Goal Striving, Sleep Learning, Hypnotic Suggestion, Biofeedback, etc.

There are gigantic creative powers in the body asserting that your are, you have or you can do the thing you want.

Tell yourself daily, out loud if you can:

I am strong, healthy, prosperous, popular, lucky, confident and courageous.”

Each one of these powerful words is an energy field within the Quantum Ocean. Since Thoughts (words are spoken thoughts) are things, you attract these energies into your life.

By changing your thoughts you can change your feelings. Keep your mind full of positive thoughts and there will be no room for negative ones.

There is more power in words spoken aloud than in silent thinking. Use the correct words when talking to yourself. Always say “I am this or that.” Not,” I will become this or that.”

Auto suggestion is an appeal to your higher self. The best time is when you just awake and right before going to bed.

Take a positive mental bath before retiring. It will influence your subconscious while you are sleeping.

Try saying out loud, twice a day, “I am power, I am courage, I am health, I am strong, I am abundance.”

The best affirmations are the ones you think up yourself. They point directly to your particular problems.

Write them down in present tense and say them aloud. Here are a few to help start you off:

I do everything on time, never put things off, because the clock of life is wound but once, and no one has the power, to tell just when the hands will stop, at late or early hour. I do today that urgent task; I do it with a will, I wait not for tomorrow; my hands may then be still.” Whittier.

I welcome this day, for it’s life, the very life of life. In it’s brief span lie all the opportunities of my existance. The bliss of growth, the glory of action, the splendor of adventure. For yesterday is but a dream, and tomorrow only a vision. But today, well lived, makes every yesterday a dream of happiness, and every tomorrow a vision of joy and hope. Look well then, therefore to this day.” Sanskirt

I never stop studying, knowing, when we’re learning, we’re thought.”

I am master of getting things done. I come straight to the point. First things first. Essentials only, no trifles.”

Every day in every way I am getting better and better in health, wealth, happiness and knowledge.”

I am excited about today. This is the first day of the rest of my life.”

I have enough money and more is pouring in from the Universal Supply.”

I avoid criticism as a plague. Any fool can criticize and most fools do.”

I expect, even look for obstacles and problems, knowing they are not interruptions of normal life. They are normal life. Life’s greatest game is licking obstacles.”

Now make a list of your own.


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Don’t let the viking anmes fool you. My ancestors were vikings. But my websites have over 200 interesting free articles on runes, vikings, quantum-physics, health, astrology and radionics.


Rune Meanings Rune IS Will Power

March 29, 2008


Attract self discipline and will power into your life with the combination of the Wisdom of the Ancient Runes and the power of Quantum Physics.

Once you start either the runic breathing exercises or the runic yoga exercises you will start to attract the runic energies out of the Quantum Ocean into your life.

It took me a long time to understand that I was an energy being. That even though I could see my hands typing and I knew that they were made of flesh and blood; it was all energy. Once I understood that I was a soul who has a body and not a body who has a soul my whole life turned around.

As I sit here and write to you at age 70+, I understand that I, myself, put myself in this chair with pen in hand. Nobody else did. My choices.

Why do I write longhand before I put it on my computer (remember this website is about energy.) Because computers emit DOR (deadly orgone) and that energy blocks my creativity. Once I have created what it is I want to say, then I use the computer as a typewriter.

Energy! Rune-breathing and Rune-meditations and Rune-Magic and Rune-Yoga gave me the energy that I needed to start to recreate my life.

You and I are where we are today because of the energies we have attracted into our lives. These energies became our life, our physical reality. Where did we get our thoughts and beliefs from? From our parents, our teachers, our religious leaders, our peers. Every word that they spoke and we believed; every action that we used to imitate them; all came together as an energy configuration called me.

I know that this is an oversimplification. But introducing new concepts need to be simply explained before they are expanded upon.


Now, we have the energy tools we need to replace these false-to- fact energies that have kept us from health, wealth and happiness.

With these Universal Creative RUNE-ENERGIES we can consciously pick and choose what we want out of life. We can recreate, redefine our lives. Now!

We all need Help in this very fast and difficult world. We all need more money, better health and more love. But… We need a method, a vehicle, a means to attract more health, wealth and love into our lives, NOW! Banks won’t do it. Hospitals and doctors won’t do it. Dressing up, losing weight and combing our hair won’t do it.


“The murmuring Runes of the Universe, the sacred symbols of Salvation of the Cosmos are deeply buried within ourselves, in our soul as inherited memories. They call, murmur and rush within us, and we could not get them outside of us by imitation, if they were not built into us since eternity.

May the murmur of the Runes Call us to action. Wake them up!


One of the most important energies we can make contact with (Quantum Ocean) and bring into our lives is the energy of self-discipline.


Runes existed long before the Viking Age.. They are symbols that represent the Universal Energies of Creation. Rune-IS is a symbol for an energy, it is not a word. It is a primary abstraction that existed long before language.

The key to recreating and redefining your life with this runic energy is to get this energy inside of you. I repeat because repetition is the universes first law!

Each individual rune opens a door to the Realms of Creation. (Quantum Ocean).



Its primary function is to bring self-discipline into your life.

The main rune-meaning for IS is SELF-DISCIPLINE


Rune of Self-Discipline

Rune of Completion


Calms Emotionally Charged Thoughts

Increases Psychic Powers Through Self-discipline

Increases Personal and Magical Powers

Controls Thoughts

Choose one keyword that you feel that you need in your life at this time. It will be the one you will be doing your breathing exercises with.


RUNE-IS attracts powerful energies out of the cosmic all (Quantum Ocean) into your life.


How does RUNE-IS help you with self-discipline?

Many of life’s problems come upon us through chaotic, scattered thinking and emotionally charged thoughts.

RUNE-IS fills you with an energy from the Quantum Ocean that calms these emotionally charged thoughts. In fact it helps you to control all of your thoughts. Self-discipline applied to your mental processes increases your personal power, your magical power and your psychic powers.

How would you like to block all the negative thoughts that others send your way? Yes?

Then use the RUNE-IS energies. It will freeze their thoughts in their minds before they are sent.

Place the Rune IS in your minds eye between you and the person you want to block.

There is the legend of the ancient Viking Godi and Rune master who went into battle marching before his army. When they met the opposing army he used the RUNE-IS energies to freeze them in their tracks. They were captured to a man and sold into slavery.

The RUNE-IS helps you to attract the energies of self-discipline into your life so you can control your thoughts. Control of your thoughts increases your powers.




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Don’t let the viking anmes fool you. My ancestors were vikings. But my websites have over 200 interesting free articles on runes, vikings, quantum-physics, health, astrology and radionics.




Rune Shamanism Norse God Balder Rejuvination

March 26, 2008
Balder and Rejuvenation 

As a Runic Shaman, you are now building your mental powers to include all the tools you will need within your own mind.

All the work you do will be on the mental plane. If you want to create Health, Wealth, or Happiness for yourself or friends, kin or loved ones, you must first do it on the mental plane. If you want to strengthen the presence of the Runes and Norse/Germanic Gods/Goddesses on the Planet now, you must first do it on the mental plane.

The 21st century has brought us the Age of Aquarius. The Age of Aquarius has given us the Laws of Quantum Physics. The Laws of Quantum Physics tell us that there exists and infinite ocean of thinking, intelligent  energy called the Quantum Ocean. We can also call it the Mind of God. Not small, personal, “anthropomorphic” Gods like Odin, Zeus, Jesus, Buddha etc. But the Big “G.” The Grand Architect of the Universe. The Creator God who, with his/her mind created all that ever was, is or will be and put it into the Quantum Ocean for us to use.

The Runes, the Norse/Germanic Gods/Goddesses exist in the Quantum Ocean. It is only up to us to attract them out and into our minds, our reality. The Runes are keys to Universal Creative Energies. We can attract them out of the quantum ocean and into our minds.

Mental Radionics, another gift of the Laws of Quantum Physics, tell us that our minds are radionics devices. Whatever clear mental images we hold in our minds eye touches the energy field of the image in the Quantum Ocean. If you hold a clear cut image of a rune in your mind’s eye, you touch the Runic energies in the Quantum Ocean. When you consciously breath it into your Aura, you will have that energy to use for yourself or to project elsewhere.

The same is true for one of the Gods/Goddesses. Hold their mental image in your mind’s eye and breath them into your Aura. They will then become part of your reality. You can then work with them to create what you want.

That is what a Runic Shaman does and how he/she does it. Continue to build clear cut images of the Runes and the Gods/Goddesses into your mind every day. At this point in your Rune Shamanism preparation, you have an image of Odin, Thor and Tyr. They represent Wisdom, Strength and Courage.

Now let us bring Balder into our life. Again go out on the net and read and study all you can about the Norse God Balder. Find the print you want to use and print it out.

Balder is the Norse/Germanic Sun God. He is the God of Light, Beauty and Rejuvenation. He was loved by all the Gods/Goddesses except Loki, who was jealous of his beauty.

When Balder had a dream that threatened his life, he told his mother, Frigga, the All-mother. Frigga extracted an oath from everyone and everything that they would not harm Balder. Balder and the Gods/Goddesses used to play a game where they would throw darts or stones at each other. No one was ever hurt.

Loki found out that the bush called mistletoe did not give Frigga an oath not to hurt Balder. He  took some mistletoe and urged the god Hod, who was blind, to throw it at Balder. The Dart with the mistletoe went through Balder, killing him. Hernod, son of Odin, then went to Hel to try to bring Balder back to Asgard. Once there he was told that if everything in the world, dead or alive, would weep for Balder, he would be released from Hel.

Everyone did but “Loki.”  As a result, Balder remained in Hel.

Balder was later rejuvenated and regenerated. He carries this power with him. Bring him into your life, we all could stand to be rejuvenated.

Balder’s wife was Nana. Their son was Forseiti, the God of Justice. Balder’s Hall was Breidablik (Broad splendor.)

Sowulo is Balder’s rune. Air is his element and Gold is his color.

When I visualize Balder in my meditations, I see a tall well built God with flowing blond hair and blue eyes. He is dressed in a flowing red robe and holds a spear upside down with a sprig of mistletoe on top. His shield is designed like a blazing Sun and he is surrounded by a golden Aura.

Pick your Balder print and breathe him into your reality along with his rejuvenating energy.

Ellis Peterson AKA Ragnar Storyteller is a retired math professor and electronics engineer. He has been studying astrology, runes, metaphysics and alternate healing treatments for over 30 years. He is 70+, in very good health and lives in the boonies of the Pocono mountains with his wifr Lory. His writings are unique and refreshing.
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Success For The Average Man – Woman part 9 Thoughts Are Things

March 26, 2008
Thoughts are Things

The world’s greatest thinkers, philosophers, educators and religious leaders have constantly told us “Your life is what your thoughts make it.” Your thoughts control your lives long before the world was given the Laws of Quantum Physics,” which tell us scientifically that “Thoughts are Things.” Great men said it in many  different ways.

Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you’ll succeed, or think you will fail, you are right.”

Emerson said, “All thought tends to convert itself into action.”

William James said, “Dynamic Thought or belief helps create the actual fact.”

Buddha said, “All that we are is the result of past thoughts.”

There are thousands of books written on positive thinking and positive mental atitude. You can go out on the Net and download free E-book copies. It is wise to build a library of these type of books and read a little every day.

There is a quicker way to success than just reading positive thinking books. Action, doing, exercise  and practice. You will develop more power, physical, mental and spiritual for any skill you want in 30 minutes of practice than in 10 years of positive thinking.

The fastest path to success is combining action with positive thinking. Positive thinking motivates us to action. When we wander from our goals they show us the way back. They continuously awaken new brain cells.

This is all good, but the real key is action, doing, practicing. Start writing, start painting, start gardening, start playing that instrument, start looking at new money making ideas. Act, practice and practice some more. Action gets things done. Action moves mountains.

Positive thinking and a positive mental attitude keeps our highest moments permanent. What great things we could accomplish if we could keep these moments alive in our minds permanently. But they fade and we need to renew them.  We need daily mental food as our bodies need daily physical food. We need daily reminders.

The best way to remind ourselves daily is with Auto Suggestion. Auto Suggestion is a power builder. Never neglect it, for developing confidence, courage and a positive mental attitude.

Talk to yourself. Talk to yourself.

Auto Suggestion harnesses the power of your subconscious mind, Universal Power, The Mind of God. This is now what we know as the Quantum Ocean. Talking to yourself, talks to the Mind of God which attracts what you want out of the Quantum Ocean. All power lies there waiting for you to call upon it.

Cove’s old fashioned Auto Suggestion is one of the best.

“Every day in every way, I am getting better and better.” Say it aloud when you awake before you go to sleep. Saying it while you are driving in your car. Turn the radio off with all it’s noise. Pay yourself with your own thoughts.

Get a little plastic hand clicker and click every time you say it. Go for 1,000 clicks, 10,000 a million!

One last important quote by Emmet Fox:

“What you think upon grows. Whatever you allow to occupy your mind you magnify in your life.Whether the subject of thought be good or bad, the law works and the condition grows. Any subject that you keep out of your mind tends to diminish in your life, because what you do not use atrophies. The more you think of grievance’s, the more such trials you will continue to receive. The more you think of the good fortune  you have had, the more good fortune will come to you.”

Ellis Peterson AKA Ragnar Storyteller is a retired math professor and electronics engineer. He has been studying astrology, runes, metaphysics and alternate healing treatments for over 30 years. He is 70+, in very good health and lives in the boonies of the Pocono mountains with his wifr Lory. His writings are unique and refreshing.
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Success For The Average Man – Woman Part 8 Will Power

March 25, 2008
Part 8 Will Power

Will Power, self mastery and discipline are three very important words for those who wish to succeed in any undertaking. Unfortunately in the Electronic Age where children us “Spell Check” and “Wikopedia” to do their home work and reports, these words are either despised or not known.

Unfortunate, because will power is ten times more important and more helpful in achieving success than either knowledge or learning. Will Power will help you lick all obstacles, boredom, monetary and other difficulties that defeat most people.

A young musician asked the great Padrewski how he could become master of the piano.

Padrewski answered, “The only way to become master of any skill is to first become it’s “SLAVE.” And that takes practice, practice, practice.

When I first started my metaphysical studies, I went to a master astrologer to have my chart done. When he was finished he said, “You are a teacher and a writer.” At that time I was an electrical engineer working for the New York City Board of Education. I knew nothing about teaching or writing.

I asked him what I should  write and what I should teach?

He said, “First get the fattest notebook and start writing.”

I asked “About what?”

He answered, “Pick one of your favorite authors and hand copy one of his books into your notebook.”  He then continued, “Don’t even consider yourself a writer until you have written a 1,000,000 words.”

This was 35 years ago, pre- computers. To date I have written over 40 children’s fairy tales, Two Math books, and hundreds of self-help articles and booklets. I also quit my NYC job, moved to Arizona and taught College Math for 18 years.

What turned me around were some wise words, from a wise man and my will power to do what I needed to do to become a writer and a teacher.

Discipline in your chosen field or the new direction you want to take is the only thing that will advance you to that bigger, grander, you. Skill and talent alone won’t do it. There are many skilled people with PHD’s pumping gas and driving cabs.

If you have but one gift to give yourself and your children, let it be self disciplines (Will Power).

What can start to change your life now is action. Pick up that pen, paint brush, hoe, that blank resume, the application and take ACTION.

ACTION is the switch that turns the power on. To develop more power ACT. Practice the things that are important for winning success. Avoid useless, time wasting activities. Every skill or task is hard before it becomes easy.

The main reason most of us have not made more of ourselves is that we haven’t been stern enough, firm enough and rough and tough on our selves.

Get a new start. Forget your past mistakes. Your greatest assets are your unexpended years. You don’t need more school or college degrees or information, you need will power and discipline.

Listen to what great men have to say.

Emerson, “Thank God every morning you get up and find you have something to do, that must be done, whether you feel like doing it or not. This builds character.”

William James said, “Do something every day for no other reason than you’d rather not do it or don’t feel like doing it. This Will Power Insurance, for future difficult or monotonous
tasks, is like life insurance for financial emergencies.

J.P. Morgan, “To be a Money Master, you must first be a Self Master.”

Socrates, “There is but one philosophy; fortitude, and self-mastery.j”

Today force yourself, compel yourself, make yourself do one useful thing every day for no other reason than you don’t feel like doing it.

Get tough with yourself.

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Don’t let the viking anmes fool you. My ancestors were vikings. But my websites have over 200 interesting free articles on runes, vikings, quantum-physics, health, astrology and radionics.


Sri Aurobindo On Age of Aquarius

March 24, 2008
Updating Ancient Wisdom Teachings
“Age of Aquarius”

We are very fortunate to be living in a time called the “Age of Aquarius.” We have been given a set of Laws, “The Laws of Quantum Physics,” that allow us to understand and explain how the Universe as well as the Mind of God works.

The great teachers, philosophers, and Gurus of the past lived under two great difficulties. First, the wisdom they had to share with humanity was frowned upon by the Religious, Political and Governing bodies of their countries.

Pioneers who bring light are always in danger from the “authorities” who want to keep things status quo, as well as keep them under “control.”

Unfortunately for them, the only constant in the Universe is CHANGE. And although they may retard and even punish light bearers, their reign of “controlled terror” will come to an end of it’s cycle.

The second problem Sri Aurobindo faced was the language. He did not have the beautiful, easily understood scientific language of Quantum Physics. He had to use metaphors, parables, and flowery language to get people’s attention as well as to ward off the authorities.

When we read his writings we can see the Laws of Quantum Physics hidden in his words. I will put “his” words in quotes.

“A new world is being born. At present we are right in the midst of a transitional period in which the two are mingled. The old world persists. It is all powerful, continuing to dominate the ordinary consciousness. The new one slips in quietly, very shyly, unobserved to the extent that exteriorly it changes little for the moment. And yet it works, it grows, till one day it will be sufficiently strong to impose itself visibly.”

Sri Aurobindo (1872 – 1950) knew  about the changing of the Ages. From the Age of Pisces (the last 2000 years) to the Age of Aquarius (the next 2000 years).

He also knew that all of the structures of the Piscean Age, Religion, Military, large corporations controlling by fear was still powerful enough to keep charging ahead; even though it is dying. It’s momentum will do this. If you shoot a dangerous, charging buffalo, and  kill it with one shot, his momentum will keep him charging another 100 feet or so. Dying but still dangerous, is the Age of Pisces.

On the other hand, the Divine Blueprints for the new structures to be used for the Age of Aquarius are contained within the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God. When they receive enough attention, they will reach critical mass and “blink out” of the Quantum Ocean into physical reality.

“The enormous spiritual carapace under which we have entombed the spirit is our biggest problem”

The Quantum Ocean, Mind of God has a divine time table that no physical power can stop or alter. The Universe “blinked out” of the Quantum Ocean with it’s Galaxies, Solar systems and Planets, amd will bkink in again.

Our Solar System has it’s own destiny and purpose and it spirals around our Galactic Sun in time to a Cosmic Clock. We just left the Age of Pisces and now we are going into the Age of Aquarius.

All the energy and structures and forces and forms that man needs to help him with his evolutionary journey are in the Quantum Ocean. They are the Divine Blueprints that we are to use for guidance. Unfortunately, for the past 2000 years, man has built an energy infrastructure between the Divine Blueprints and the Reality of our physical Universe.

They will distort the energies of the Age of Aquarius as well as fill the minds of men with continuous mis-information as to the spiritual Reality of the Universe.

“The way back is a spiral. A new curve to be taken in the Eternal Becoming.”

No matter what we do or don’t do, our Solar System will continue on it spiraling journey around the Galaxy. Our Solar System will fulfill it’s destiny, with or without that film of organic life on the Planet Earth called “man.”

It is up to us to find our way back.

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Rune Sorcery For The Individual Asatru Viking

March 23, 2008

The ten lessons that I have written, are for the 21st century Asatru Pagan. They are especially  for the one that does not wish to join any group, Alliance or Kindred.They are for the Asatru pagan who does not want to go into the woods, drink mead, eat pork and perform boasting jumbles. And it is especially for those Asatru pagans who do not want to perform outdated rituals with all their dangerous pitfalls.

Most, if not all of the Asatru Blots and Rituals performed by the many groups, were devised for Viking Warriors  who lived over 1000 years ago. They are no longer applicable to or for the 21st Century Asatru Pagan.

We do not need swords and battle axes. We do not need to pray to the God/Goddesses of the the North to destroy our enemies. We do not need to pull down other religions to make ours stronger.

We have just passed a great landmark in human and Planetary history. We as humans and our whole Solar System, has just moved. We no longer exist in the Galactic thirty degree arc in space, known as Pisces. That was the ‘Age of Pisces.’ It lasted over 2000 years. We as a race and a Solar System are in a different part of our Milky Way Galaxy. We are in the the thirty degree arc in space called, Aquarius. We are in the ‘Age of Aquarius.’

In the next hundred or so years you will see all the great edifices of the ‘Age of Pisces” come tumbling down. Giant Corporations, formal dogmatic religions, the military, the AMA, and outdated politics all will fall.

In their place will be small groups of like minded people coming together to build a better world.

Therefore, the 21st century Asatru Pagan must update his rituals, meditations, Blots, Sorcery, Shamanism and Rune work to incorporate the new tools of the 21st century. These tools are given to us from the ‘Laws of Quantum Physics.’

In this way the Asatru Pagan can rid himself/herself of the negative energies that belong to the ‘Age of Pisces.’ They can not only bring themselves consciously into the 21st Century and the ‘Age of Aquarius’ but they can bring the Gods/Goddesses of the North into the New Age as well.

The key to the successful 21st Century Rune Sorcerer is to individually build his mental powers so that he is not connected to any outdated energies.

The Laws of Quantum Physics tell us that everything that ever was, is or will be exists in an infinite ocean of thinking energy called the Quantum Ocean, or Mind of God.

The Laws of Resonant Frequencies tell us that whatever thought or image you hold in your mind is connected to every other thought or image of  same frequency in the Quantum Ocean.

When you perform a certain Asatru Ritual or Blot that you have read out of a book or one that is chanted by a Kindred Godi, you are tuning into and tuned into every other Asatru Pagan who has performed this Ritual of Blot.

Do you really want that? Are you aware of the motives behind every Asatru Ritual and Blot performed in the past 1000 years. And while these rituals may have resonated to the “past” Age of Pisces, do they really resonate to the “new” Age of Aquarius. Isn’t that more than a little like putting new wine in “old” bottles?

I believe that it is. So as a result I am a solitary Rune Sorcerer, developing “new” rituals for a “new” Age. I have built my own rituals using the 21st Century Laws of Quantum Physics.

When I meditate or work with the 18 runes; when I enter my Sacred Mental Space, using the Laws of Mental Radionics, when I attract and project Runic energies in and out of the Quantum Ocean; they are not polluted or watered down by other interfering energies.

The mental image of FA in my minds eye makes a direct connection with the Runic FA Prosperity energies in the Quantum Ocean. I personally draw the FA energy to me to use  it as I will.

I am interested in using the Runes, the Laws of Quantum Physics to bring more love, wealth, health and protection into my own life. Nothing Else. If each of us takes care of our own little family without interfering with others, the world will be a better place to live.

I do it all from my favorite chair and I do it with my mind. You have been given enough information in  the preceding lessons to become a powerful individual Rune Sorcerer. You can e-mail me for further instructions.

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Success For The Average Man – Woman Part 7 – 12 Billion Brain Cells

March 23, 2008
Part 7 Twelve Billion Brain Cells

Before we are born our brain cells are asleep. When we are born certain cells wake up. They ALL don’t wake up at the same time or speed. Breathing, crying, eating etc. wake up first. Those who have new born babies know this to be true. Then sitting, crawling, walking, talking etc. Other brain cells wake up after 50 years of age and older.

Most of our high – talent brain cells never wake up by themselves, and we take them to our graves. Unless some experience in our lives wakes them up, develops them, they remain asleep.

Sometimes a book, a semon, wise saying, lecture, scare, noble example, success story of great men / women, give them an emotional shock and these cells awaken.

The most valuable thing in your life is the book, saying, etc. that awakens your brain cells and introduces you to yourself and your inner hidden powers. We are all sleeping giants until something awakens our inner powers.

Emerson said, “Few men wake up before they pass on.”

All our lives we will be haunted by our inner yearnings and they will not let us rest until we express them. There are two factors that will wake up millions of brain cells. These are goal setting and will power.

Will Power means training ourself to do what we should do, when it should be done, weather we feel like it or not.

Dr. Russel Conwell gave his famous lecture, “Acres of Diamonds,” over six thousand times around the country. He used the money from his lectures to build Temple University.

His lecture  is the story of a prosperous farmer who sold his farm and went searching for diamonds. He never found any and died broke. The man who eventually bought his farm, found in his back yard “acres of diamonds!” The farm became what was known as the Golconda Diamond Mine, the largest diamond mine in the world.

Your brain cells are your “Acres of Diamonds!’ You don’t have to look any further than your own mind. It will help you solve your problems and make a success of your life.

Dr. Conwell later in his life, after Temple University was built, addressed each of the Graduating classes.

He always ended with…”To win, begin. All winning starts with “BEGINNING.” The hardest part is always to START.  So a thing begun  is more than half done. Taking the first step, generating the momentum, the emotional energy, the inner urge. It motivates you to take yet another step, then another and another.. That momentum once started, will continue until the task is done.”

He sent thousands of graduates out into life with that inspiring lecture.

So, whatever it is that YOU wish to succeed at, playing an instrument, painting, writing, gardening, dancing, earning more money, etc. START NOW.

The trip of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Wake up the slumbering power of your own mind.

Goethe said, “Are you in earnest? Seize this very minute. What you can do, or think you can, BEGIN IT. Starting has it’s own genius, power and magic in it. Take one step and your mind grows heated. Begin it and your task is completed.”

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