Sri Aurobindo On Age of Aquarius

Updating Ancient Wisdom Teachings
“Age of Aquarius”

We are very fortunate to be living in a time called the “Age of Aquarius.” We have been given a set of Laws, “The Laws of Quantum Physics,” that allow us to understand and explain how the Universe as well as the Mind of God works.

The great teachers, philosophers, and Gurus of the past lived under two great difficulties. First, the wisdom they had to share with humanity was frowned upon by the Religious, Political and Governing bodies of their countries.

Pioneers who bring light are always in danger from the “authorities” who want to keep things status quo, as well as keep them under “control.”

Unfortunately for them, the only constant in the Universe is CHANGE. And although they may retard and even punish light bearers, their reign of “controlled terror” will come to an end of it’s cycle.

The second problem Sri Aurobindo faced was the language. He did not have the beautiful, easily understood scientific language of Quantum Physics. He had to use metaphors, parables, and flowery language to get people’s attention as well as to ward off the authorities.

When we read his writings we can see the Laws of Quantum Physics hidden in his words. I will put “his” words in quotes.

“A new world is being born. At present we are right in the midst of a transitional period in which the two are mingled. The old world persists. It is all powerful, continuing to dominate the ordinary consciousness. The new one slips in quietly, very shyly, unobserved to the extent that exteriorly it changes little for the moment. And yet it works, it grows, till one day it will be sufficiently strong to impose itself visibly.”

Sri Aurobindo (1872 – 1950) knew  about the changing of the Ages. From the Age of Pisces (the last 2000 years) to the Age of Aquarius (the next 2000 years).

He also knew that all of the structures of the Piscean Age, Religion, Military, large corporations controlling by fear was still powerful enough to keep charging ahead; even though it is dying. It’s momentum will do this. If you shoot a dangerous, charging buffalo, and  kill it with one shot, his momentum will keep him charging another 100 feet or so. Dying but still dangerous, is the Age of Pisces.

On the other hand, the Divine Blueprints for the new structures to be used for the Age of Aquarius are contained within the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God. When they receive enough attention, they will reach critical mass and “blink out” of the Quantum Ocean into physical reality.

“The enormous spiritual carapace under which we have entombed the spirit is our biggest problem”

The Quantum Ocean, Mind of God has a divine time table that no physical power can stop or alter. The Universe “blinked out” of the Quantum Ocean with it’s Galaxies, Solar systems and Planets, amd will bkink in again.

Our Solar System has it’s own destiny and purpose and it spirals around our Galactic Sun in time to a Cosmic Clock. We just left the Age of Pisces and now we are going into the Age of Aquarius.

All the energy and structures and forces and forms that man needs to help him with his evolutionary journey are in the Quantum Ocean. They are the Divine Blueprints that we are to use for guidance. Unfortunately, for the past 2000 years, man has built an energy infrastructure between the Divine Blueprints and the Reality of our physical Universe.

They will distort the energies of the Age of Aquarius as well as fill the minds of men with continuous mis-information as to the spiritual Reality of the Universe.

“The way back is a spiral. A new curve to be taken in the Eternal Becoming.”

No matter what we do or don’t do, our Solar System will continue on it spiraling journey around the Galaxy. Our Solar System will fulfill it’s destiny, with or without that film of organic life on the Planet Earth called “man.”

It is up to us to find our way back.

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One Response to “Sri Aurobindo On Age of Aquarius”

  1. saswata98 Says:

    I can only say, dear friend, you have still light years to go to even come closer to understanding Sri Aurobindo. May He bless you with more wisdom.

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