Rune Sorcery For The Individual Asatru Viking


The ten lessons that I have written, are for the 21st century Asatru Pagan. They are especially  for the one that does not wish to join any group, Alliance or Kindred.They are for the Asatru pagan who does not want to go into the woods, drink mead, eat pork and perform boasting jumbles. And it is especially for those Asatru pagans who do not want to perform outdated rituals with all their dangerous pitfalls.

Most, if not all of the Asatru Blots and Rituals performed by the many groups, were devised for Viking Warriors  who lived over 1000 years ago. They are no longer applicable to or for the 21st Century Asatru Pagan.

We do not need swords and battle axes. We do not need to pray to the God/Goddesses of the the North to destroy our enemies. We do not need to pull down other religions to make ours stronger.

We have just passed a great landmark in human and Planetary history. We as humans and our whole Solar System, has just moved. We no longer exist in the Galactic thirty degree arc in space, known as Pisces. That was the ‘Age of Pisces.’ It lasted over 2000 years. We as a race and a Solar System are in a different part of our Milky Way Galaxy. We are in the the thirty degree arc in space called, Aquarius. We are in the ‘Age of Aquarius.’

In the next hundred or so years you will see all the great edifices of the ‘Age of Pisces” come tumbling down. Giant Corporations, formal dogmatic religions, the military, the AMA, and outdated politics all will fall.

In their place will be small groups of like minded people coming together to build a better world.

Therefore, the 21st century Asatru Pagan must update his rituals, meditations, Blots, Sorcery, Shamanism and Rune work to incorporate the new tools of the 21st century. These tools are given to us from the ‘Laws of Quantum Physics.’

In this way the Asatru Pagan can rid himself/herself of the negative energies that belong to the ‘Age of Pisces.’ They can not only bring themselves consciously into the 21st Century and the ‘Age of Aquarius’ but they can bring the Gods/Goddesses of the North into the New Age as well.

The key to the successful 21st Century Rune Sorcerer is to individually build his mental powers so that he is not connected to any outdated energies.

The Laws of Quantum Physics tell us that everything that ever was, is or will be exists in an infinite ocean of thinking energy called the Quantum Ocean, or Mind of God.

The Laws of Resonant Frequencies tell us that whatever thought or image you hold in your mind is connected to every other thought or image of  same frequency in the Quantum Ocean.

When you perform a certain Asatru Ritual or Blot that you have read out of a book or one that is chanted by a Kindred Godi, you are tuning into and tuned into every other Asatru Pagan who has performed this Ritual of Blot.

Do you really want that? Are you aware of the motives behind every Asatru Ritual and Blot performed in the past 1000 years. And while these rituals may have resonated to the “past” Age of Pisces, do they really resonate to the “new” Age of Aquarius. Isn’t that more than a little like putting new wine in “old” bottles?

I believe that it is. So as a result I am a solitary Rune Sorcerer, developing “new” rituals for a “new” Age. I have built my own rituals using the 21st Century Laws of Quantum Physics.

When I meditate or work with the 18 runes; when I enter my Sacred Mental Space, using the Laws of Mental Radionics, when I attract and project Runic energies in and out of the Quantum Ocean; they are not polluted or watered down by other interfering energies.

The mental image of FA in my minds eye makes a direct connection with the Runic FA Prosperity energies in the Quantum Ocean. I personally draw the FA energy to me to use  it as I will.

I am interested in using the Runes, the Laws of Quantum Physics to bring more love, wealth, health and protection into my own life. Nothing Else. If each of us takes care of our own little family without interfering with others, the world will be a better place to live.

I do it all from my favorite chair and I do it with my mind. You have been given enough information in  the preceding lessons to become a powerful individual Rune Sorcerer. You can e-mail me for further instructions.

If you would like to see more of my free articles you can go to my 2 websites or type my pen name RAGNAR STORYTELELR into the goggle search engine for my listings.

Don’t let the viking names fool you. I have viking ancestors and my earned viking name is Ragnar. But the sites have over 200 free articles on quantum-physics, runes, sorcery, shamanism, health and astrology

thank you



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  1. globalnation1 Says:

    Just saying hello from 😉

  2. Cameron John McLaughlin Says:

    I would very much like to be in touch soon. If I am an Asatru Viking Rune Sorcerer? It came into my head as I was doing dishes. Take a break and go check in with the possibilities of your ancestry. Search for Druid Viking Wizard, no luck, Viking Sorcerer, and I found your blog. I think my plant derived translucent rainbow sphere energy healing may be connected in some way.

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