Success For The Average Man – Woman Part 7 – 12 Billion Brain Cells

Part 7 Twelve Billion Brain Cells

Before we are born our brain cells are asleep. When we are born certain cells wake up. They ALL don’t wake up at the same time or speed. Breathing, crying, eating etc. wake up first. Those who have new born babies know this to be true. Then sitting, crawling, walking, talking etc. Other brain cells wake up after 50 years of age and older.

Most of our high – talent brain cells never wake up by themselves, and we take them to our graves. Unless some experience in our lives wakes them up, develops them, they remain asleep.

Sometimes a book, a semon, wise saying, lecture, scare, noble example, success story of great men / women, give them an emotional shock and these cells awaken.

The most valuable thing in your life is the book, saying, etc. that awakens your brain cells and introduces you to yourself and your inner hidden powers. We are all sleeping giants until something awakens our inner powers.

Emerson said, “Few men wake up before they pass on.”

All our lives we will be haunted by our inner yearnings and they will not let us rest until we express them. There are two factors that will wake up millions of brain cells. These are goal setting and will power.

Will Power means training ourself to do what we should do, when it should be done, weather we feel like it or not.

Dr. Russel Conwell gave his famous lecture, “Acres of Diamonds,” over six thousand times around the country. He used the money from his lectures to build Temple University.

His lecture  is the story of a prosperous farmer who sold his farm and went searching for diamonds. He never found any and died broke. The man who eventually bought his farm, found in his back yard “acres of diamonds!” The farm became what was known as the Golconda Diamond Mine, the largest diamond mine in the world.

Your brain cells are your “Acres of Diamonds!’ You don’t have to look any further than your own mind. It will help you solve your problems and make a success of your life.

Dr. Conwell later in his life, after Temple University was built, addressed each of the Graduating classes.

He always ended with…”To win, begin. All winning starts with “BEGINNING.” The hardest part is always to START.  So a thing begun  is more than half done. Taking the first step, generating the momentum, the emotional energy, the inner urge. It motivates you to take yet another step, then another and another.. That momentum once started, will continue until the task is done.”

He sent thousands of graduates out into life with that inspiring lecture.

So, whatever it is that YOU wish to succeed at, playing an instrument, painting, writing, gardening, dancing, earning more money, etc. START NOW.

The trip of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Wake up the slumbering power of your own mind.

Goethe said, “Are you in earnest? Seize this very minute. What you can do, or think you can, BEGIN IT. Starting has it’s own genius, power and magic in it. Take one step and your mind grows heated. Begin it and your task is completed.”

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