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God is — Therefore I Am

August 3, 2011



The Law of Attraction is intrinsically connected to the Laws of Spiritual Quantum Physics.


This article will be written in the first person. In this way you will be making a personal affirmation with each sentence you read.


I live, move and have my being in the Mind of God, Quantum Ocean. I am a piece of the Mind of God, therefore whatever I desire is a desire in the Mind of God.


I therefore deserve everything that I could possibly imagine. I believe, because I am a piece of God’s mind I deserve what I want.


I am an extension of the Infinite Energy of the Quantum Ocean, which is the Mind of God.


I manifest through my Divine Blueprint, out of the Quantum Ocean, which allows me to experience a wide range of other energy frequencies around me.


I experience these things outside of me, like chairs, houses, money and other people but they are really inside of me. They are part of me.


My energy vibrates at a certain frequency and I attract other energies vibrating at a similar frequency.


I bring into my reality what I think about. It is the power of my thoughts and desires that attract my reality.


If I don’t attract what I desire, it is because somewhere along the line of my life I was exposed to a more powerful energy system in the form of parents, friends or physical environment which instilled negative thoughts counter to my present desires. These thoughts became part of my belief system.


“The sins of the mother and father …”


If I truly believe that I do not deserve something, thanks to the programming of mom and pop, then that something will not be attracted to me, or its coming will be greatly slowed down.


I therefore take the position that I do deserve something because of my Divine Inheritance and my connection to the Quantum Ocean and the Mind of God.


I override all negative programming from my past.


I deserve what I want simply because it is the intention of the Creator God that I experience my desires.


My Divine Blueprint is designed to attract to me what I want. My desires are gifts from the Creator God. They help me understand and experience my purpose in life.


I do not have to “work for them” nor “earn them”, only “Ask and I shall receive.”

I will not allow my memories, beliefs, thoughts and emotions to define who I think I am. I am much, much more than all of them.


The Creator God has a true desire to fulfill. I am an expansion of this Creative Force. My desires are expansions of God’s desires.


There is only one things happening — God!


“God is” — says it all!


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