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How Russia Got Its Name “Rurik The Norseman”

March 20, 2011



A great deal of our Northern European, Nordic/Germanic history has been lost or destroyed by the takeover by Christianity.

Our school children can learn all they want about Native American, Greek, Roman, Jewish and Chinese cultures.

They can go to the library and the shelves are filled with books on those cultures. What about Nordic/Germanic?

Well I am only one voice shouting in the wind, but I will shout! So here are some little known facts about Viking and Nordic/Germanic history.

The tribes in central Russia in the ninth century were tall and strong. They could climb cliffs, swim raging rivers and fight savagely.

They taught their children that every injury to a family member must be avenged.

They had no fear. They went into battle fearlessly against other wild tribes and even against well trained Roman soldiers.

They had only one method of battle. They flung themselves furiously upon their foes as soon as they found them.

They were kind to one another and they were very hospitable. They left food in sight when they left their huts so that no chance way farer would go away hungry.

They believed in a great god ‘The Thunderer’ (Thor) and a vast number of lesser gods.

The wisest and bravest of each tribe become the chief.

In Northern Russia, around the Baltic Sea, lived a people even fiercer than them. They were the Norsemen, North men, the Vikings.

Many of these Vikings entered the service of the emperors at Constantinople. They were royal bodyguards who could be trusted completely.

With their dragon ships they had seen a good deal of the world. They even succeeded in making many fierce tribes of central Russia and elsewhere pay them tribute.

These Russian tribes did not want to pay tribute and they quarreled and fought amongst themselves, causing destruction and chaos throughout the land.

The wisest men amongst these fierce tribes saw that they needed more power to govern them.

They knew how much more civilized the North men were. They sent envoys to the RUSS, a tribe of North men, to say: “Our country is large and rich, but we have no order. Do come and rule over us.”

A Norseman name Rurik and his two brothers said, “We will come!”

They came with all their well armed followers. Rurik built his stronghold at Nov-go-rad. He then chose men he could trust and gave them land where they built fortresses’ and kept peace in the land.

Rurik conquered all the neighboring tribes until he had a large kingdom. He called it Russia.

Rurik reigned for 17 years and passed the throne to his young son. So you see, the first ruler of Russia was a bold and daring warrior. A Viking!

How many of our school children know this? How many were even told?

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