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Alaric the Ostrogoth First Teutonic Viking to Sack Rome

March 21, 2011


Our whole Nordic/Germanic/Celtic history has to be revised. So many conflicting stories about how the Caucasian race migrated from Asia to Europe or vice versa.

The truth of the matter is that the Nordic/Germanic/Celtic races all came down from the north in several migrations. They came from the mysterious land called Thule.

They migrated into what is now called Britain and Ireland as well as Scandinavia, Germany and India and settled there.

The Romans who are part of the Mediterranean race had conquered most of Europe, south of the Danube, Asia Minor, North Africa and Britain.

At the height of their power the Teutons, which is the name given to the Germanic tribes in eastern Germany, started there western migrations.

A powerful tribe called the Goths was the first to have their minds set on sacking Rome. The Eastern Goths called Ostrogoths lived on the shores of the Black Sea. Then there were the Western Goths called Visigoths who lived near the shores of the Danube. They both intended to invade Rome and sack it.

As the years passed the Goths grew stronger and the Romans weaker.

Alaric who learned to fight under Roman commanders left Rome and became the leader of the Visigoths. With his warriors he  first raided Greece and sacked Athens and collected masse of treasure.

He then waited six years and watched Rome deteriorate. When the time was right and the Roman Empire in the East, Constantinople who was ruled by a boy emperor, was also at its weakest, Alaric marched straight up to the walls of Rome.

He surrounded the city, shut off its food supply and commanded it to surrender.

The luxurious Romans, behind their tall wall, laughed at him and told him to try to take their city.

Alaric waited outside the gates. When the Romans were weakened by famine and pestilence they asked him for generous terms of surrender.

He laughed back at them and told them to bring him all the gold and silver in the city.

They moaned and cried and he finally agreed to accept 5000 pounds of gold; 30,000 pounds of silver; 4000 robes of silk, 3000 pieces of scarlet cloth and 3000 pounds of pepper.

He went away and explored and pillaged Italy. Then he came back to Rome and they opened the gates to him without a peep. They poured into the city.

They killed all who opposed them or tried to hide their wealth from them. When they left they had wagons loaded with gold and silver and silk and jewels.

Alaric then planned to invade Sicily but he took ill and died.

His warriors turned side a small river. They wrapped him in finest silk and made his grave on the empty river back, with a great amount of treasure to take  with him to Valhalla.

Then they turned back the waters of the river to flow over his grave and hide it forever, lest it should become known and robbed.

Alaric and the Visigoths were just one of several Teutonic Viking tribes that sacked Rome.

Those Goths and Teutons were just part of the Nordic/Germanic/Celtic races that migrated south from Thule. They were all related by blood with one thought in mind; to pillage, fight and conquer.