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Red Headed Viking Giants Found in Nevada

September 21, 2008

When you read these articles you do not have to believe or disbelieve them. Go to the Net and find out for yourself.

There is so much information and artifacts proving that the Vikings were here in 1000 AD that you wonder why it is being hidden from us. Go find out. All I can do is point you in the right direction.

Legends of the Piute Indians of Northwest Nevada were recorded in 1883 in the “Life Among the Piutes”, by Sarah Winnemucca Hopkins. Legends of Red Haired Giants and Runic Mysteries inscribed on rocks.

The Museum of the American Indians, pooh poohed the evidence. Part of the evidence: a skeleton nine feet tall found in a cave near Pyramid Lake. One eight and one half feet in the Humboldt lake bed.
One seven feet, seven inches on the Friedman Ranch. One Nine and one half or possible ten feet in a lake near Troy.

They may not be Giants but they are definitely Vikings. Vikings mated alpha males with alpha females to produce the Giant sized warriors. They traveled and explored in small groups of about thirty warriors. They used their narrow dragon ships to travel the rivers inland. Thirty men were enough to portage their ship across land. That is why we only find one skeleton at the time of these exploring Vikings.

By the way the hair of the mummies found in the Ried collection is a Reddish-Brown color. There is an obvious lack of interest in determining facts about the Red-Haired Giants.

In the Lowic Museum of Anthropology, in Berkly California the giant mummies talked about in this article were sent and have disappeared. Only three mummies all under six feet are on exhibition. What happened to the Red Headed Giants? What is going on?

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