Rune Secrets Bullets

Rune Secrets Bullets

I have written over 200 articles and booklets on Runes. Rune meditation, rune yoga, rune magic, rune mysteries, rune meanings, bind runes etc.

I am trying to instill in the Modern Day Northern European rune worker one basic idea. The only thing constant in the whole Universe is change. Change or die. Ask the dinosaurs and the doe doe bird.

We are not Vikings any more sailing our dragon ships, raiding the mainland in an effort to stop Christianity from destroying our Gods/Goddess’s.

The basic task now is for the survival of our Nordic/Germanic Culture in this politically correct hostile environment.

We don’t do it by going back to the past. We do it by bringing the past, our runes. our Gods/Goddesses into the NOW.

We are in a new age. It is called the Age of Aquarius but more importantly it tells us that as a solar system we have moved to a new space in our galaxy. We have never been here before.

Everything is expanding and moving forward. We as a people and culture must do so also. We can even bring the runes and our culture with us to the stars when we go.

This new Age has given us a new Paradigm to work with. The Laws of this paradigm are the Laws of Quantum Physics. They tell us that all is energy existing in an infinite ocean called the Quantum Ocean, the Mind of God. Our Runes and Nordic/Germanic Gods/Goddesses exist in the Quantum Ocean. They have always existed and will continue to exist forever.

It is up to us to bring them into the 21st Century with new rituals, meditations and magic which will incorporate the new paradigm of Quantum physics. Since this is the Age of the Mind, we must use our mind to bring the Rune Energy forward.

The runes are Universal Creative Energies. Each rune is a key to a particular energy, ie;  FA-Wealth, UR-Health; THORN- Protection.

Each rune worker must now have a complete set of the eighteen runes in his mind. Ready to call upon and use when needed. They must be bullets in their arsenal.

But first, you must create a doorway between the energies of the runes in the Quantum Ocean and your mind. I personally use my Grand Canyon meditation to do this. Create your meditation. The 18 runes are protective energy bullets that you can use with your mind to strengthen your culture.

Meditate on each rune one at a time and visualize that your are pulling them out of the Quantum Ocean in the shape of a bullet and placing them in your leather cartridge belt that you wear around your waist. Do it for all 18. Now you can go through life with 18 high powered energy runic bullets ready to use at any time.

This is the Age of the Mind. Use your mind or become part of the mind of someone else, as a slave.

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