Rune Mysteries Oklahoma Heavener Runestone



The purpose of my Rune Mysteries series is two fold. One to share

with my Northern European Kindred the truth that our Viking

Ancestors visited the Americas hundreds of years before Columbus

was born.

Secondly, that there is a conspiracy of lies headed by the

Smithsonian to keep these truths hidden form you. It is not so

much an evil conspiracy, as it is a stupid conspiracy. If the

truth came out then all of the Archaeological PHD’s would find

themselves out of a job. And all of the history books  would have

to be rewritten. I guess it is  easier to lie than rewrite.

Folktales from the past always contain kernels of the truth. The

old-timers of Oklahoma, say that once upon a time there were

dozens of large Rune stones. Only five have been found so far.

Let’s talk about this. You can surf the net and read more on your

own. I am only trying to point a finger in the right direction.


The Heavener Rune stone was found on Poteau Mountain in eastern

Oklahoma. It was first thought to be an “Indian Rock.” It was 12

feet high, 10 feet wide and 16 inches thick. Carl f. Kemmerer

found the stone while hunting, in 1913. Eight Runic Symbols were

etched into the stone. When he reported it , others said, “Oh

yes, we saw it, it is an Indian stone.”

The head curator of the Department of Archaeology at the

Smithsonian Institute said they were indeed Runes. But they were

put there by modern day Scandinavians.

But the Runes that were used, came from an era that predates

Runes by over 1000 years.

The Poteau Rune stone

In 19 67, several school boys discovered a Rune stone. It was a 15

inch stone with several Runic Characters inscribed on it. It was

found near the crest of Terry Hill on the outskirts of Poteau, at

the foot of Caraval Mountain.

This stone was only 10 miles from the Heavener Rune stone.

The Shawnee Rune stone

This stone was found within the city limits of Shawnee, in

central Oklahoma.

This 14 inch stone was found by Jim Esstes in 1969. It is reddish

in color and weighs 14 pounds. There are five Runes etched on it.

It was placed on the Earth either as a land mark or a tombstone.

A famous Norse cryptologist, said it was dated 1024 AD.

The Smithsonian has nothing to say about these finds. It would

rather dig up Egyptian mummies thousands of miles away than dig

in their own back yard.

I have just given you a small sketch. There is lots of good

information about these three Oklahoma Rune stones on the Net. No

sense in clogging up this article with easily attainable facts.

Check out the pictures of these Rune stones and see if you can

decipher their messages yourself.


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3 Responses to “Rune Mysteries Oklahoma Heavener Runestone”

  1. AwenMan Says:

    My interest is in the mystical power of the Runes but things like the Vikings visiting North America is facinating to me as I am north Europeam in birth and origin. Keep up the good research. My site features a book I have written on the Runes.

    A visit for the many freebies and links on my site can be very enlightening and personally satisfying. For starters at the bottom of the home page ( ) is the Ravens RuneCaster which is like a daily horoscope but personalized just for you, and you alone. Back at the top of the page is a quick link for a FREE download of the full freeware RuneCaster Windows program that will make you an instant star at divining and fortune telling for yourself and your friends.

    AwenMan – Spirit of Light
    make yourself SMARTER and richer

  2. Myron Paine Says:


    You are correct about the Runes being made by Norse men.

    But only part;y correct about the conspiracy of lies against the rune stones. When the Spanish, French and English invaded America they had to justify taking the land away from the 90 million people standing on the ground.
    They did that by telling the people back in Europe that they were fighting “Savages,” even though the people that met the boats were Christians from Scotland, ireland, and Greenland.
    The European invaders managed to create a Paradigm that became rigid in American textbooks and minds. The European invaders were able to exteriminate about 85 million Americans and place the rest on the poorest land around,
    The Paradigm is so strong the Academic community will allow Norse a brief landing on the NE corner of Newfoundland, but not acknowledge the the Norse language named up to 10 states, 3 provinces and Canada.
    When the rune stones were found, the entrenched Paradigm said that they could not exist. Heav Nor means “high point” in Old Norse. Poteau means.”Portal.” a passage in the mountains. Shawnee, of course, means “south.” There is a “Wannette” up stream in Oklahom. Old Norse “Vannette: means. “water place: & on & on & on.
    Which European nation that points a finger at Nazi German will allow the Academics to reveal that they may have exterminated 40 million Scandinavians in order to occupy this land.

    Back to the rune stone. The second rune was not found until very recently. I believe it is an “r”, which makes the message read “Grow Valley”/ I believe the Shawnee stone reads “No Grow” I think these messages could be consistant for a Norse explorer expecting others to follow him.


  3. mark Says:

    This stone is of biblical inportance of which most are not capable of understanding.The only way to get the true deep meaning of this stone is with spiritual eye’s.Man can run around explaning it away all they like but the true meaning is comming.

    This stone was shown to Moses in a vision during the “Exodus”.Read where Moses said “SHOW ME YOUR GLORY”.From there one need’s to learn and understand the sacred directions of the Cherokee to understand.Remember there is truth in all things.

    Gloria named her book “In PLAIN sight”.

    Blessings and dig deep!

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