Armanen Rune TYR Attracts Courage Into Your Life


Attract the Norse God Tyr’s courage into your life. Learn how to breath in the energies of courage using a print of Tyr and his run symbol TYR.

We live in very difficult times. A great rune master once said that of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse, “GREED” is destroying mankind riding the horse called “FEAR.”

Fear vibrations over whelming the minds and emotions of all the people in the country. The media, the movies, the TV, the medical world, the schools are all spewing out fear. The world has become so small that even the fears of the starving third world nations are inundating our land with fear.

Fear is a very powerful incoming vibration sent mentally, emotionally, subtly and subliminally. Once it gets into your mind and aura the vibrations become harmful to your health and well being. You become one of the mindless people who only obey, consume and follow orders.

Norse God Tyr and his Rune. There is help for the Nordic/Germanic peoples. We have within our blood and DNA the vibrations of our ancestral soul. We have resonant frequencies to our Northern pantheon of god/goddesses. We have the powerful vibrations of the runes within us. We must activate these vibrations out from our DNA and memory banks and place them into our aura.

What ever energies we carry in our auras attracts its physical counterparts into our lives. Fear in our aura attracts fearful events, ill health and slavery from the outside world and into our lives.

Time to use the courage of the Norse God TYR and his rune to combat and eliminate incoming fear vibrations. We need outgoing courage vibrations. By carrying the Norse God Tyr and his rune in our auras we will be constantly projecting a shield of courageous energy into the world. We will help all around us. Thisrunic shield can be built with practice and patience. Soon it will radiate a screen that extends seven feet all around us.

No fear energies will be able to get through our courageous aura and into our minds, bodies and emotions.

The Age of Aquarius is upon us and will be with us for the next 2000 years. A new paradigm for contacting our Nordic gods/goddesses and attracting the protective energies o the rune are needed. Guido Von List has updated the runes with hisArmanen 18 rune futhork . We don’t need to go into the woods and play viking games and use outdated viking rituals. We can do it from the safety and peace of our own homes. This is part of the new paradigm.

The new Laws of Quantum Physics tell us how do do this. They state that there exists an infinite ocean of thinking intelligent energy called the Quantum Ocean. Everything that ever was, is or will be exists there. There is no time there only the NOW!. All the gods/goddesses of our ancestors are there. The runes are there. They have always been there.

These new Laws of Quantum Physics tell us thoughts are things and we can contact and attract into our aura what we think about. Symbols are keys to the energies in the quantum ocean.

What we need to do is attract the energies of Tyr’s courage out of the quantum ocean and into our auras. We have the necessary resonant frequencies within our blood and DNA to support these energies.

To get the energies of Tyr and his rune into our auras we must “breath them in.” Start by printing out the Tyr print and the Tyr rune at the bottom of this page. Get comfortable in your favorite chair and relax. Now look at the picture or Tyr and the rune THORN. Concentrate. Take a deep breath and mentally say:

“I am now inhaling the courageous energies of the Norse God TYR and his rune THORN out of the quantum ocean and into my aura.”

Do this at least three times in one sitting and as many times during the day as you wish.Each time you will strengthen the courageous vibrations within your aura.

Be consistent and slowly but surely you will begin to feel more courageous and less fearful. The energies of TYR and his rune will not only block out all fearful vibrations from entering and effecting your aura, they will surround you and project courage out from you and push all fear away.

In these difficult times we all need the courage of the Norse god Tyr and the protection of his rune in our lives.

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Ellis Peterson AKA Ragnar Storyteller is a retired math professor and electronics engineer. He has been studying astrology, runes, radionics, metaphysics and alternate healing treatments for over 30 years. He is 70+, in very good health and lives in the boonies of the Pocono mountains with his wife Lory. His writings are unique and refreshing.

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