Rune Wizard Candles Mental Plane

Bring the Candle Ceremony
To the Mental Plane

Keep in mind that what I am sharing with you is how to become a Rune Wizard of the 21st century. This means working as a Rune Wizard from the mental plane, not the physical plane. Working from the peace, quiet and safety of your own home.

The only real safe place to practice the rituals and magic of your North European Culture is on the mental plane.. The powerful powers to be who want everyone to be politically correct and wear a size 9 shoe will harass anyone who tries to be different.

So, go where they can’t spy on you. Your mind, the mental plane. The Laws of Quantum Physics tell us there is an infinite ocean of intelligent thinking energy called the Quantum Ocean. It responds to your thoughts and mind. Go There to work.

But before you can begin your mental rituals and journeys you must full understand about the tools of Rune Wizards on the physical plane.

Gather all the info you can gt and store it in a special place in your mind. A place where you can recall it when you want it and need it.

There is hardly any rune ceremonial where Light would not play an important role. Light is neutral. Depending on the action to be performed it assumes some color. Since Light is so important, most ceremony contain and include something that symbolizes Light. Candles are the preferred utensil to symbolize Light. Of course, there are deeper symbolic meanings connected with candles than that of giving Light. As you become familiar with various methods involving candles you will understand better the many symbolic meanings that candles connect with. Consequently you will be capable to touch upon more dimensions that involve the symbolism of the candles This will greatly increase the effectiveness of your magical operations.

Candles, as we know, are made of various materials, mostly paraffin, more seldom true bees’ wax. Candles may be scented and colored, tailored to special lengths and shapes, etc. As you progress, you will learn to include colors and shapes of candles into the overall symbolism of your ceremony. You will store these images in your mind.

The significance of candles reaches into may levels. Since candles are mostly thought to symbolize Light, they are the only source of light in many ceremonies. The specific color of the candle will symbolize the sphere(s) with which the operator wants to be in contact during the ceremony. The number of candles used has another symbolic meaning. Candles are an excellent tool to help your powers of visualization and imagination. The flame of a candle is an ideal focu

When you practice with Runes you can use any number of candles that correspond to the specific higher order energies used in your operation. You may use one candle that has the Rune engraved which you practice. Instead of engraving the Rune, you can put the candle candle holder on a piece of cardboard or wood that has the Rune drawn on it. This Rune should be charged before use. Excellent is a set of 18 candle holders, each one with another Rune drawn or engraved on it. Visualize yourself surrounded by the candles.

Many ceremonies require the use of more than one candle. You may go all the way and use eighteen candels in your ceremony, one for each Rune. When you use eighteen candles, I recommend that you inscribe one Rune on each candle. You arrange these eighteen candles the same way you arrange the 18 Rune stave’s. You should put one candle to the side of each Rune stave. Candles of bees wax have some advantages over candles made of paraffin: There is more “life” in them. The color of the candles is to match the purpose of your operation. White candles are good for every operation. In the case of bees wax candles the natural wax color is equally universal.

One candle alone or two candles serve as an excellent focus. Such a focus is very helpful for your concentration and visualization powers. Two techniques are useful, depending on the number of candles. While looking at the flame of one candle see visions in the halo around the candle. When you use two candles, look in the space between the flames of both candles. The best distance is between six and eight inches apart. In either case you will better be able “to grasp the arrow with the look of your eyes.”

As a practice, you can use only ONE candle for you Runeing, where it can serve as an added focus. Engrave the Rune in the candle. Practice the following way:

1. Put your candle on the altar, or table.2. Establish your outer and inner Rune Realms. For murmuring practice alone, the inner Rune Realm is sufficient.3. Light the candle. 4. Be aware that there is an OUTER Rune Realm around you of which the candle is a focal point for the Rune which you practice.5. Practice your chanting and murmuring.6. Look into the flame of the candle, imagine that the Rune is in the halo that surrounds the flame. Then close your eyes and remain a few minutes in silent meditation. Wait for insights, feelings, visions, thoughts, etc. to emerge. Wait for visions that may appear in the halo. It is useful for developing clairvoyance. It also improves your dream life.7.

When you decide to end the practice, say: “Powers of . . . (name of Rune) Thank you for your energy Flow back to the Realms of Creation!”8. Imagine, or visualize, the Rune energies grounding, flowing into the ground, as water flows down a drain, or seeps into sandy soil.9. Extinguish the flame of the candle.10. Write your experiences in your diary.

Ellis Peterson AKA Ragnar Storyteller is a retired math professor and electronics engineer. He has been studying astrology, runes, metaphysics and alternate healing treatments for over 30 years. He is 70+, in very good health and lives in the boonies of the Pocono mountains with his wife Lory. His writings are unique and refreshing.

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