Success For The Average Man – Woman Part 6 Goal Setting

Part 6 Goal Setting

Goal Setting is the greatest, most valuable and most useful of all success techniques. There are thousands of good books and internet articles about goal setting, but few about how it works.

The Age of Aquarius has given us the Laws of Quantum Physics. These Laws tell us that there is an infinite ocean of thinking, intelligent energy where everything exists. It is called the Quantum Ocean or Mind of God. It is responsive to your thoughts. What you think about continuously you will receive.

Your goals are written down thoughts. By looking and thinking about then daily, you will pull out of the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God, what you have written down. Decide what you want to succeed at, large or small, write it down, read every night and every morning. They will happen, it is the law.

This technique applies to any goal, large, small, short range, long range, personal, job, hobby or career. Start with selecting small goals that you are sure you can reach with a little time and effort.

If the Laws of Quantum Physics are true and thoughts are things why don’t the majority of people write their thoughts of what they want down on paper?

Napoleon answers that for us. He said, “The most difficult of all tasks, and hence the most rewarding, is the power to decide. It only takes a little power to decide. It takes little power to decide on big things.  And deciding on a Goal is a big thing. It affects all our lives.”

Thinking is hard work. Edison said, “Most people will go to any length to avoid the labor of thinking.”  What ever you want large of small, material, mental, emotional or spiritual write it down. Plant a seed of attraction in the Quantum Ocean, The Mind of God. Think about it daily and you will get it.

Goethe wrote, “First build a proper goal, that proper goal will make it easy, almost automatic to build a proper you.”

Right now we are all using such a small part of our mind. Think, set goals. Expand your mind. Make pencil (pen) and paper (3 X 5 cards) your best and constant friends.

Writing will force you to think. It has ten times the power of talking. Only by writing down your goal on paper can you harness the power of the Quantum Ocean, the Mind of God, to go to work for you.

Many people hesitate because they don’t realize how nature works. The Laws of Quantum Physics now tell us how it works. Thoughts are things which create your life. Write down what you want. Your problems and desires are more than half solved once you get your message across to the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God.

Writing down goals, plant seeds. It makes it definite and permanent. Write it down and watch. Miracles seem to happen. Outside forces, people, places and events will come to your aide.

We need more to be reminded, than to be informed. Remind yourself daily of what you want.

You don’t have to be brilliant to succeed. You only need to know how things work, and to develop a positive mental attitude and you will get what you think you will get.

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One Response to “Success For The Average Man – Woman Part 6 Goal Setting”

  1. Randy Peyser Says:

    Hi Ragnar,

    Writing down a goal is a powerful way to start to attract something. I’ve written a book that will be coming out in mid-April called, The Power of Miracle Thinking.” I wanted to know: what are the thoughts, attitudes and beliefs that people hold, and the actions they take, that allow miracles to unfold? You might be interested in checking it out, since it fits with your philosophy above. One of the people I interviewed said, “The Universe likes a good target.” I think that is what happens when we write down what it is we believe we want. We are giving the Universe a clear target to help us achieve our goals. Best to you, Randy Peyser

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