Success For The Average Man – Woman Part 4 Making Lists

Part 4 List Making

Learn to be a list maker, it sharpens your mind. List making develops observation, concentration, judgement, will power, memory, initiative, imagination and intelligence.

It will help you develop a new and wider vision of life. Learn hwo to make many lists. They will be your mind awakener, mind sharpener, and mind builder. Sometimes little things on your list wake up a spark of ambition in you and can revolutionize your whole life.

If you are having a problem with another person make a written list before you speak to them. This way the conversation will stay on track, the problem will not drift.

Success in anything first depends upon success over yourself. Get control of your mind and your emotions. Your mind controls your emotions, your written word controls your mind.

You should be able to start several lists of your most frequent tasks, business, personal or for success.  They will continuously remind you of what you have to do. They sharpen your mind and increase your efficiency for your own personal use.

At work or in your own business, make this list and ask yourself every morning:

“How can I improve some part of my job or business?”

“Does it have to be done this way?”

“How can I reduce costs and increase profits?”

“How can I save time?”

Remind yourself with your list. Make the list taylor made just for you. Make a list for every regular activity that engages your time. Watch the efficiency grow with each list you make. You will save time and with this saved time, work on your art, painting, writing etc. The most precious thing we all have is our unexpired years. Stop wasting time! It is limited!

Before making phone calls, make a list of the points you want to discuss to  avoid forgetting. Before you write a letter do the same. Making lists is a good exercise in thinking. Every time you think you wake up new brain cells. You have enough brain cells to think up 100 new ideas every day for the next 50 years.

Thilnk up a way to use a list to help people think your way. In the field of sales this is invaluable. Put on your list ideas that will help you win over hard to persuade people.

“You’ll never achieve more than the crowd, until you think MORE than the crowd.”

Go to the library and look up wise sayings. They never get outdated, they are ageless. You will find them under various headings, proverbs, epigrams, adages, slogans, mottoes, maxims, etc.

Here are a few, make a list of over 100 of your own.

Winston Churchill , “Every man like myself, who never went to college, can largely make up for that lack by reading the wise sayings of the great men of the past.”

Emerson, “Proverbs, introduce us to ourselves, to that bigger, grander man we never knew.”

Elber Hubbard, “Learning from the wise sayings of great men, is like riding to success on the shoulders of giants.”

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