Success For The Average Man Woman Part 2 The Good Foundation

Success Part 2

In my first article I said that most average men and women  never achieve success because they were never given the simple rules for SUCCESS.

When I talk about success, I do not mean becoming wealthy, famous or outstanding in a field of endeavor. In this world of billions of people, less that 5% of the people reach goals of that height.

What about the other 95%? Most of them really don’t try to succeed but accept their place in life as being mediocre.

But everyone can become more successful in something. Everyone can become a better writer, painter, gardener, musician, aspire to a better job, a better trade earn more money etc.

That’s the key. “Inch by inch, life’s a cinch, yard by yard, lifes too hard.”  Learn to advance slowly in what ever you do.

Your fist task is to build a firm foundation. Build your firm foundation on growth, not rush.

Plant growth, muscle growth or mind growth is governed by Natural Law. Growth cannot be forced without previous preparation.

What you do today prepares you for tomorrow.

To build your firm foundation to success for whatever you choose, will require that you spend one hour a day working on it. It’s a tough schedule but Nature’s Law is Nothing for Nothing. No Gain without Pain. How Do You Get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, Practice, Practice. No Skill without Drill. No reward without effort.

The only thing that is  going to come to you free and easy is old age.

An hour a day is only 4% of your week. A year it is 14% of your life. 365 days at one hour a day is 1/1700 of your life. 1/700 is not too much to pay to achieve SUCCESS in what you want to do.

Let’s start preparing you for  a successful life. Find and repeat an inspiring thing every morning. It will give you a lift.  Repeating an inspiring saying every morning aloud will develop a positive mental atitude. Your attitude in life couns more than your abilities or talents, if you want to succeed.

The Laws of Quantum Physics are telling us that through Resonant Frequencies (Like Attracts Like) a positive attitude attracts Good Luck. It will make your life more interesting.

Here are a few you can say aloud in the morning to get you off to a good start:

“If it is to be, it is up to me.”

“The world is full of wonderful things, that we should all be as rich as Kings.”

“I welcome difficulties,That cuts their size in half.”

Everyday I ask myself: “What can I do today to improve myself.”

Repeat one of these aloud every morning until you find your own that inspires you.

Remember you become what you think about.

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