March of the Atlantians Hidden Viking History

March of the Atlantians

Legend has it that the Atlantians were our Viking ancestors. The artifacts plus the Atlantis Narrative and writings of ancient Egypt tell us that is true history.

The Atlantians (our ancestors) migrated all through Europe and Asia Minor. They were stopped at the borders of Egypt, time frame 1500-1300 B.C. They occupied all of Greece except Athens, who stopped them.

Solon, the famous Athenian, who studied in Ancient Egypt was the one who took the story back to Greece. He heard it from the Egyptian priests. The story of the Atlantian (Viking) invasions. He did so because he was proud that his Athenians had the courage to be the only ones who stopped the invasions.

The reason why these invasions were dismissed as ‘unhistorical fairy tales,’ is because the leading, modern archaeologists placed Atlantis in the wrong location and in the wrong time frame. But the stories of the account of the invasion which the Egyptian priests told Solon is true history. Their statements correspond exactly with the events of 1200 B.C.

The march of Atlantean ancestors is know as the ‘Great Migration.’ The Egyptian records tell how Athens checked this invasion of the North Sea Peoples.

Atlantis does not take it’s name from the Atlantic Ocean, but from Atlas, who was the god who stood in the North under the Pole Star, on the Amber River Eridannus.

Archaeological research has shown that the thickly populated area of North Europe lost most of it’s population during the thirteenth century  B.C. The natural catastrophe of the Comet Phaeton was  a cause of the migration as well as the sinking of Atlantis.

Many of the trade routes which have been set up by the North Sea Peoples (Atlantians) now became escape routes. The natural catastrophies in the Nordic area could no longer support the population. The migration was from the North to the South.

The German archaeologist H. Hoffman, came to these conclusions, without knowledge of the ancient Egyptian Medinet Habu text. This text suppoorts precisly the finds of the archeology material. The homeland of the North Sea Peoples was destroyed by natural catastrophes.

“…Their Souls were in utter despair and the need of their mouths (hunger) drove them.”

A rich supply of archaeological evidence traces their routes to the South. They used the old Amber Trade Routes. Along these routes, Urufields (cremated dead) and grave mounds of the North Sea Peoples were found. The “Germanic Flange- hilted sword” was the favorite weapon of the the North Sea peoples and found everywhere.

The North Sea Peoples took three different routes on their way to Egypt. The first went up the Elbe and Oder Rivers, to the Danube. They drove out the Illyrians who lived there, who in turn moved to the Alps.

In the second half of the thirteenth century B.C., the North Sea Peoples reached the Hungarian Plain. The inhabitants fortified their settlements, but were driven out regardless. They retreated to the rim of the Carpathians.

The invaders from the North, brought a new culture to Hungary. It was called the “Urnfield Culture.” The conquerors of the North built grave mounds for their chief men, and Urnfields for the commoners.

The ‘Burial Mounds and Urnfield ‘ archaeological finds in Hungary are not native to Hungary. They were brought there by the North Sea Peoples, our ancestors. They settled Hungary for some time.

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