Updated Ancient Wisdom I.F. Speaks

Updated Ancient Wisdom

I.F. Speaks

Basic Spiritual Facts

My spiritual teacher I.F. of 17 years, had a very unique way of sharing his wisdom with me.

His teachings were mainly oral. We would sit facing each other early in the morning at a small card table, munching on bagels and cheese. We would sip coffee and he would talk. I would listen and take notes.

This was nothing like the Chelas sitting cross legged around a Guru, as they do in the East.

This was a Western master teaching a western student. His patience with me and the world in general was infinite.

He told me that many of the things he spoke about, he didn’t expect me to immediately understand. They were ‘Seed Thoughts’ as he called them, that would go into my subconscious and bear fruit for later in life.

It is now over 30 years and as I look back, I smile. Yes, many of the ‘Seed Thoughts’ have born fruit and changed my life and my consciousness.

I will share some of them with you now. Allow them to grow and bear fruit for you. I will put his exact words in quotes followed by my commentaries.

“We are not properly conscious nor are other people properly conscious.”

We all spend too much time in our past, thinking and re-thinking events, both good and bad. This is not being conscious, this belongs to the realm of sub-consciousness, memorie.

To be conscious, we need to be in the HERE-NOW of the moment, not in the past nor the future.

“Increase of consciousness of oneself, leads to more room for yourself in the inner world.”

There are many levels of consciousnes and many worlds to be explored in the ‘inner worlds’. By becoming more conscious you open these worlds for yourself.

“Be careful, as you build the structures for your inner rooms; someone will be trying to pull the ladder out from under you. That someone is your personality.”

Most of the allegories about the fight between light and darkness takes on many forms. Within the individual the fight is between one’s higher self and one’s personality.

Our personality is where all the (lies and falsehoods we have picked up on our trip lie.) They want dominion over our life and do not want you to become more conscious. Because they know consciouness is their death knoll.

The fight is WITHIN us not WITHOUT.

“The slow difficult steps to consciousness leads to freedom.”

He used to say ” Yard by yard, lifes’s too hard, inch by inch life’s a cinch.”

“Understand, that one of the biggest problems we face is when we project our inner negative attitiudes on others and blame them.”

We cannot accuse another of bad temper, meaness, hate, suspicion, unjustness, anger, or bitterness. We feel and sense these negative attitudes in others because they also live inside us.

“Stop looking for the splinter in your brother’s eyes when you have a log in yours!”

“The uproar of your daily life will drown out your spiritual life.”

You must find a way to set some time appart for your spiritual studies. Every day life comes rushing in, in a million differnent directions and steals your time and energy.

“Your inner man/woman must be renewed and fed day by day or it will be drowned by the uproar of life.”


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