New Age of Aquarius Healing Techniques Vitvan

Vitvan – Healing Technic

Aquarian Age Methods of treating man for his ailments must depend upon a new view of what man really is.

He is an energy being, living and moving and having his being within an infinte field of energy that the Law of Quantum Physics has defined as the Quantum Ocean. We can also call it the Mind of God.

We must stop focusing on the word ‘healing’ by using the Aristotelian concepts, which focuses on the physical body alone. We need to develop healing methods appropriate to the New Age of Aquarius.

Chiropractic adjustments, cell salts, flower remedies, and Homeopathic remedies are the forerunner of this new healing technique. They focus on the energy structure of the entire man. They comprehend individual man as a whole of which his ‘physical body’ just represents ‘one’ of his vehicles.

‘Physical Objects,’ ‘matter’, ‘bodies’ etc. are simply labels given to our meanings and abstractions, we need labels to communicate. But we must keep in mind that the label is not the thing. The word ‘potato’, written on a piece of paper is not the potato. You cannot eat the piece of paper and receive nutrition from it.

Every spoken or written word, actually represents a configuration of units of energy, a Dynamic Process, an energy system, and a state of consciousness.

A ‘Physical Body’ is a highly Dynamic Process, composed of several configurating units of energy.

The person’s individual state of consciousness determines the pattern or Matrix that the physical body will take. The higher the state of Consciousness, the more refined the configurating units of energy. The more refined the organs functioning within the configuration.

The “I-Am-I” -ness which each member of the human race has representing themselves is the power with which one thinks, feels and acts.

It is the Power – to – be- Conscious.

A person’s “State of Consciousness” includes mental -Level States; psychological (Feeling – Thinking) processes; instinctive -level functioning; influences due to Rapports (Resonant Frequencies) ; Semantic Evaluations (What words mean); Blockages of energy flow; environmental forces and results of past experiences, Karma.

All these factors need to be taken into consideration when creating new healing methods for the Age of Aquarius.

The ‘Physical Body’ is an exact representation of a person’s state of consciousness.

Semantic reactions and/or emotional relations to words and experiences such as Fear, Worry, Terror, and Love often re-chemicalize an entire physical body.

The psychic traumatic shocks which may result from these various emotional and mental factors seriously affect the physical body resulting in “organic diseases.”

Fear, Worry, Terror, all can make you ill. Keep your children away from these energy fields.

In New Aquarian Age Healing Techniques, we must develop the ability to see an individual -as- a- whole in his true relation to the the Organism -as – a- Whole (the Universe, Quantum Ocean, Mind of God) we live in.

Changes in State of Consciousness will change the “health” of the ‘Physical Body.’

The world we live in is not an ‘objective thing.”

We are individual Energy – Systems in an energy world. We must consciously understand this.

We are to God, as our cells are to our bodies.

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2 Responses to “New Age of Aquarius Healing Techniques Vitvan”

  1. energy Says:

    Its a nice site which is sharing many things, this technique focus on the energy structure of the entire man. They comprehend individual man as a whole of which his ‘physical body’ just represents ‘one’ of his vehicles.

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