Quantum Physics and Healthy Teeth

Healthy Teeth

The Quantum Ocean is an infinite Ocean of intelligent, thinking energy. It is the Mind of God because it was created by the Creator God who set this living, expanding Universe into motion.

If we are to heal ourselves one at a time or as a nation we must bring the idea of a Creator God, a Big “G”, a Grand Architect of the Universe into the equation.

In the field of health and healing there exists within the Quantum Ocean Divine Blueprints. Blueprints of perfect overall health; Blueprints of health for the perfectly functioning organs, tissue, bones and teeth of our bodies.

We need a methodology to incorporate these Divine Blueprints within our Aura and our cellular structures. In short, we need to bring the Blue Prints of health within us.

The Laws of Quantum Physics and Mental Radionics have given us the tools to do just this.
The application of these Laws, with their daily practice will lead us to better health.

The exercise that follows incorporates the Laws of Quantum Physics and Mental Radionics.

But in addition to practicing the excercise daily, we should avial ourselves of every other proven methodology that brings us health. Leave no stone unturned in your search for better health.


Sit comfortably in your favorite chair. Relax, breath deeply. Close your eyes and intone

“I am now manifesting the Divine Blueprint of perfect teeth and gums out of the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God, into every cell of my body.”


Visualize your mouth, teeth and gums alive, because they are, with the new production of epithelial cells (tooth enamel) and mesenchymal cells (connective tissue and blood vessels.) The beginning of their regeneration from within and with out. Just knowing the process helps strengthen it.

I am not a doctor nor do I prescribe any of the following as healing your teeth and gums. But I will tell you what I use to heal my teeth and gums.

In this very toxic, environmentally polluted world, you must tend to the maintenance of your teeth and gums on a daily basis.

I have used and continue to use the following healing methods for my teeth and gums. I don’t use them all at once, but vary the daily applications.

Schussler’s Biochemic Cell Salts.

Calcium Flouride is useful in the treatment of diseases affecting the surface of the bones, and joints and when teeth become loose in their sockets they decay rapidly.
Calcium Phosphate is helpful in the formation of children’s teeth.

Samuel Hahnemann Homeopathic Remedies:

Tooth Abcess- Mercurius Solubilis
Tooth Decay- Creosotum
Loosening of Teeth_- Lycopodium Clauatum
Tooth Ache – Arsnricum Album

In the Herb world:

For bones, teeth and calcium deficiency: Comfry, Horsetail, Lobelia, White Oak bark, Alfalfa.
For Toothache: Ginger and Marigold

Color Healing:

I use Dinshah Color filters with Spectro-Chrome therapy. ( See my other articles in regard to detail in this therapy) Attach a color filter to a small 25 watt lamp and shine it on the affected area.

For Toothaches- shine indigo color or purple on the face (one hour.)
For Tooth Abcess- Green followed by indigo.
Loose Teeth- Lemon followed by indigo.

My wife Lory and I use the Miracle II Spritual Soap products. They help the body to balance it’s PH levels and they help the teeth and gums.

We also use Tibetan Gold Pure White Dentifrice Toothpaste. It has anti-plaque, anti-tarter, natural anti-cavity minerals. It detoxifies mercury filling toxins.

The health of your teeth and gums is in your hands. Do not believe what you read here. Go out on the net and research what I have written. Then if you like, try the remedies and see for yourself.


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