Hidden Viking History Part 1 Giants and Vikings



In 1881 John Weseley Powell, the famous geologist who explored the Grand Canyon, appointed Cyrus Thomas as director at the Smithsonian Institute. He was director of the Bureau of Ethnology, eastern mound division.

Thomas believed that the mound builders were not American Indians. But since Powell was sympathetic toward American Indians, as he had lived with them, he overrode Thoma’s opinion.

The Smithsonian promoted the idea that American Indians were descended from an advanced civilization. They then started to suppress any archaeological evidence that went counter to this idea.

Many other archaeologists believed that through out history the dispersion of culture was made by ships following the major trade routes. This was called the Diffusionism Theory.

The Smithsonian went with the Isolatlionism Theory. This theory says that most civilizations are isolated from each other have little or no contact with one another.

They chose the belief that the civilizations of the Ohio and Mississippi Valleys rarely came into contact. And especially that they did not have contact with the Mayans, Toltec’s or Aztecs.

When the ancient mounds, or pyramids, of the Midwest were opened the contents showed that an ancient and sophisticated culture lived there. And furthermore, they had been in contact with Europe.

Many mounds revealed burials of huge men, sometimes seven or eight feet tall. They were buried in full armour with swords and treasure, possibly Vikings going to Valhalla?
India tells us that thousands of years ago men grew very tall. The bible talks about giants. The Norse myths are full of stories about giants.

In the Spiro Mound in Oklahoma, which was opened in 1930, they found a tall man in full armour. He had a pot holding thousands of pearls, a Viking after a raid? It was sent to the Smithsonian. Why did the Smithsonian keep it quiet? Why was this discovery not put on public exhibition? What are they hiding and why?

Why are they teaching in schools that the American Indians built all these mounds and not some advanced civilization from Northern Europe? Why is it that anything that shows the heights that Northern European Culture has reached, been thrashed, suppressed and sent to the dust bin?

In 1892, wood coffins were found in Alabama. They were sent to the Smithsonian and “lost!” These coffins, known as the Crumf Cave Coffins were made of wood, hollowed out by fire. They were almost eight feet long!

During World War II, in Alaska some Army engineers were bulldozing an air field. They unearthed a grave yard of giants! The heads were from 22 to 24 inches from the base to the crown. This was giant size compared to the normal human head. Again the remains were sent to the Smithsonian never to be seen again. Coincidence, I think not!

In 1944 another discovery was made in Mexico. A strange archaeological site yielded over 33,000 objects of ceramic, stone, jade, knives of obsidian and statues of giant reptiles depicted in active association with human beings. The reptiles were portrayed “eating” the humans. So much for man not being there in the age of dinosaurs! More astonishing, these depicitons also showed Negros, Orientals, bearded Caucasians and Egyptians together. Carbon dating place the objects of dinosaurs and man at about 4,500 BC!

Again the Smithsonian conducted its campaign of “dis-information” against the find. They said that the find was too fantastic to be true!

In 1909, an Egyptian tomb was excavated in Arizona, in the Grand Canyon. Again there was denial by the Smithsonian. Why is the Smithsonian trying to hide the facts pointed out by these finds, that there was Trans-oceanic contact in the pre-Columbian times. Why do they continue to say that all Native American Indians are descended from the Ice Age explorers who came across the Bering Strait?

Why is the idea that Ancient Egyptians came to Arizona so fearful to the Smithsonian?
Why then do many of the areas on the north side of the Canyon have Egyptian names such as Tower of Set, Horus Temple, Osiris Temple, and Isis’s Temple? The entire area with the Egyptian names in the Grand Canyon is a “forbidden zone” no one is allowed to go there even the Rangers, why?

What is going on? Why is the Smithsonian hiding the blond haired blue eyed, Caucasian, giant corpses excavated in the “United State” lying deep in their vaults?

Ellis Peterson AKA Ragnar Storyteller is a retired math professor and electronics engineer. He has been studying astrology, runes, metaphysics and alternate healing treatments for over 30 years. He is 70+, in very good health and lives in the boonies of the Pocono mountains with his wifr Lory. His writings are unique and refreshing.
To see more of his writings visit his websites.
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5 Responses to “Hidden Viking History Part 1 Giants and Vikings”

  1. Faith Says:

    Why? Because it would obliterate any evolution idea. All of that stuff.

  2. How to Get Six Pack Fast Says:

    This is very up-to-date information. I think I’ll share it on Twitter.

  3. Education Says:

    These are all interesting ideas, but make no mistake about it, in no way shape or form does the existence of Giants, or any other archeological mystery, prove creationism, or disprove evolution. It just doesn’t. Oh and there’s no such thing as the Crumf caves.. its CRUMP.. and its not the spiro mound, it could be A spiro mound, because it’s a series of mounds. I do happen to be very intrigued by the Crand Canyon story though..

  4. Shreeves Says:

    happy day :))

  5. Val Says:

    Cultures from all over the world speak of giants, tiny people, and other physical attributes that we today, would consider to be anomalies. Many of those same cultures also have stories of ghosts, vampire, and other forms that transcend death, but that’s a topic for another discussion entirely. What’s most fascinating is that many of these tales originated before those individual cultures had contact with one-another. Is the giant gene a type of deformity, or is is a code hidden in our DNA that has become dormant for the most part? Before you scoff, consider that the human DNA has a dormant code for a tail. There are numerous cases of people being born with tails; so frequent that it prompted Fred D. Ledley to publish an article about it in the New England Journal of Medicine. Could the same thing apply to giants? There are a number of professional athletes whose heights boggle the mind. Professional wrestlers such as, Kevin Nash, Paul White, and Andre “The Giant” Roussimoff are all near or over the seven foot mark. Basketball players such as, Yao Ming, Sun Ming Ming, and Manute Bol are all over seven feet tall. A Russian heavyweight boxer named, Nikolay Valuev who is seven foot tall. In the case of the professional wrestlers, and the boxer, these men are equally strong as they are tall. So perhaps there were in fact historical warriors who were coveted for their size and strength. These men would have been considered champions and promoted to leadership roles based only on their stature. Which in turn, would have reserved for them a hero’s burial upon their death.

    If such giants walk among us today, why would the Smithsonian try to obfuscate their existence in the past? I suspect that the Smithsonian isn’t the only one who keeps select skeletons in their closet (pun inferred and intended). As archeological digs from all over the world have yielded the remains of giants, yet not one museum has any of them on display. Other genetic anomalies have found their way into display cases, such as mummified head with elongated fangs in Segovia, and a horned skull in a French museum.

    It certainly gives one cause to pause and ponder.

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