I really dug into my studies on the net. My health is very important to me. I really enjoy living in this wonderful creation of God’s.

Nature is wonderful, beautiful and mysterious. Science through the Laws of Quantum Physics is now opening it’s secret doors.

I enjoy reading, writing studying. I now added self-healing to my list.

In case you are wondering how I sustained myself through this dark period … I sold books on and oiff the net. I had an extensive library and although it hurt to sell them I needed the money. Now after 15 years I have managed to replace most of them.

After several weeks of intensive study I knew where I had to start to protect and regenerate my health. MY EMOTIONS. I was full of fear, apprehension, anger and self pity.

I chose the Back Flower Remedies as my starting point back to emotional health and well being.

The net was full of information abou Bach Flower Remedies. But it was too much.

I needed to narrow the field down to the basic essentials.

I finally chose two books on Bach Flower Remedies that I am still using today. My bibles of Bach Flower Remedies.

Theory and Practice
By: Mechthild Schneffer
Thorson’s Publishers, Inc
Rochester, Vermont 1985

Clarifying the Basic Principles and Standards of
The Bach Flower Remedies
By: John Ramsell & Nickie Murray
Co-directors and Curators of
Bach Flower Remedies, LTD
England 1986

I am not going to go into the history of Bach and how he discovered the Flower Remedies. The net is full of that info and you can surf.

I am shraing with you how at age 70+ I manage to stay happy, healthy and wise. And away from MD’s.

I will tell you how I rejuvinated, regenerated, revitalized and renewed my health with natural alternate remedies.

Remember, I am not a doctor, so I cannot say what I am telling you will heal you. It healed me.


There are 38 Bach Flower Remedies plus RESCUE REMEDY for emotional emergencies.

After careful study of the list of emotional symptoms I finally decided on the following 5 remedies:

MIMULUS — Fear of known things. I had many fears that I knew about. Money fears, health fears, bill fears, fear for my future, etc.

OAK — Normally strong and courageous but now beaten down by illness or adversity.

WALNUT — Assists in adjustments to change in your life. Wow had my life changed.

WHITE CHESTNUT — Elliminates persistant unwanted thoughts and pre-occupation with worry.

IMPATIENS — Eliminates impatience and irritability.

I put in 3 drops from each of the 5 remedis into a large glass of water.

Then I sipped it throughout the day. When it got empty I filled it.

If I went out I would put the 3 drops of each remedy into a bottle of spring water and take it with me.

That was it. I didn’t worry about how it would work or how long it would take. I just continually sipped on my Bach Flower Remedy mixture.

There was no way I could separate in my mind the ill effects of fears, apprenhensions, worries, negative thoughts, resistance to change. They were a tangled mess.

So, I let the 5 remedies do their work.

There was no instantenous healing or euphoria.

But after about 30 days I could sense a felling of WELL BEING. It got stronger and more satisfying as time passed, 60-90-120 days.

I still take my Bach Flower Remedies for maintenance.

I carry a 20 ml dropper bottle of RESCUE REMEDY with me at all times. It is for emotional emergencies.

In case of near auto accidents, shocking experiences, traumatic happenings, small hurtful accidents, etc.

I quckly take a dropper full ot the Rescue Remedy under my tongue. In a matter of minutes the emotional upset leaves.

I may still have a fender-bender on my hands or a bill collector breathing down my neck or s skinned knee — but my emotional involvement with these events is calm.

Next time i will talk about the big three. Food, Water and Air.


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